How to Catch Mackerel off a Pier

In order to catch mackerel off a pier, you will need some basic supplies. A fishing rod and reel, bait, and a bucket are all you really need to get started. Mackerel are attracted to shiny objects, so metallic lures are a good choice for bait.

If you don’t have any lures, baitfish or cut squid also work well. Once you’ve got your supplies, head on down to the pier and find a spot where there aren’t too many people around.

  • Head to a pier that is known for mackerel fishing
  • Make sure to bring the appropriate gear, including a rod, reel and bait
  • Cast your line into the water and wait for a bite
  • When you feel a tug on the line, begin reeling in the fish
  • Use a net to scoop up the mackerel once it is close enough to the pier
  • Gently place the fish in a bucket or cooler of ice water to keep it fresh until you are ready to clean it

How to Catch Mackerel – Fishing from the Pier at First Light

What is the Best Bait for Mackerel?

Mackerel are a type of fish that are known for being very good to eat. They are also a popular choice for many anglers because they put up a good fight when hooked. If you’re looking to go fishing for mackerel, then you’ll need to know what kind of bait works best.

There are a few different types of bait that can be used to catch mackerel, but one of the best options is live bait. Smaller fish or pieces of squid work well as live bait, and you can often find them at your local tackle shop. Another good option for bait is lures that imitate the appearance and/or movement of small fish.

Many anglers use spoons or spinners as they are effective at attracting mackerel. When choosing bait, it’s important to consider the size of the mackerel you’re hoping to catch. Larger baits will usually attract larger fish, so if you’re after a trophy mackerel then it’s worth using a bigger lure or piece of bait.

However, smaller baits can be just as effective at catching mackerel (and other fish) so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best.

What is the Best Time of Day to Catch Mackerel?

Mackerel is a migratory fish, meaning that it moves between different areas in the ocean at different times of year. The best time to catch mackerel depends on where you are in the world and what time of year it is. In general, the best time to catch mackerel is in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is not too high in the sky.

This is because mackerel prefer cooler waters and they will be closer to the surface at these times of day. If you are fishing for mackerel off the coast of Australia, New Zealand or Japan, then spring and autumn are typically the best times to catch them. In Europe, meanwhile, summer is usually the best season for mackerel fishing.

Wherever you are in the world, it’s always worth checking local advice before heading out to sea in search of mackerel. Different types of mackerel can be found in different parts of the world, so it’s important to know which species you’re likely to encounter before setting out.

What is the Best Bait to Use When Fishing off a Pier?

Assuming you’re fishing for saltwater fish off a pier, the best bait to use is live bait. This can be anything from shrimp to small crabs to minnows. The key is that the bait is alive and moving when you put it on your hook – this will give the fish a reason to bite.

Some other baits that can work well include strips of cut fish, squid or octopus. Again, these need to be fresh and properly cut so they wiggle enticingly in the water. If you’re using artificial lures, bright colors tend to work well as they mimic natural prey items like small fish or crustaceans.

Are the Mackerel in Yet 2022?

As of January 2021, the answer to whether mackerel are in yet for 2022 is still unknown. In recent years, the mackerel season has begun in late May or early June, so it is possible that they will be in by then, but nothing can be said for certain at this time. The best way to stay up-to-date on the status of the mackerel season is to check with your local fishmonger or fishing authority.

How to Catch  Mackerel off a Pier


Best Time to Catch Mackerel from a Pier

Mackerel is a common name applied to a number of different species of pelagic fish, mostly, but not exclusively, from the family Scombridae. They are found in both temperate and tropical seas. Most mackerel spawn in huge shoals in mid-ocean areas and spend most of their lives away from land, returning to coastal areas only to feed or to mate.

The best time to catch mackerel from a pier is early morning or late evening when the water is calm. In rough weather, it can be difficult to fish from a pier because waves can break against the structure and knock anglers off balance. Mackerel are attracted to baitfish so use lures that mimic these small creatures.

Jigs with shiny metal spoons attached are especially effective in attracting mackerel.

How to Catch Spanish Mackerel from Pier

Spanish mackerel are a prized fish for many anglers, and they can be caught from piers. When targeting these fish from piers, it is important to use the right bait and tackle. Live bait is often the best choice for Spanish mackerel, as they are attracted to moving prey.

Smaller baitfish such as pilchards or threadfin herring are good choices. It is also important to use a heavier line and leader when fishing for Spanish mackerel from piers, as they have sharp teeth that can easily cut through lighter lines. When choosing a spot to fish from on the pier, look for areas where there is some structure such as a piling or rock outcropping.

The fish will often congregate in these areas, seeking shelter from predators or looking for food. Once you have found a likely spot, cast your baited line out and let it sink to the bottom. Then start retrieve it slowly, keeping an eye out for any follows or strikes.

If you get a strike, reel in quickly and set the hook firmly. Spanish mackerel are fast fighters and will test your tackle!

How to Catch Spanish Mackerel from the Surf

Spanish mackerel are one of the most popular fish to catch from the surf. They are known for their high quality flesh and fight when hooked. Spanish mackerel can be found in many different areas along the coast, but they are most commonly caught off beaches with deep drop-offs nearby.

The best time to catch Spanish mackerel from the surf is during the summer months when water temperatures are highest. To increase your chances of success, use a bait that will attract Spanish mackerel to your location. Live bait such as pilchards or small squid work well, as do cut baits like mullet or tuna belly strips.

It is also important to use a heavy leader when fishing for Spanish mackerel from the surf, as these fish have sharp teeth that can easily cut through lighter line. Once you have your bait in place, wait for a Spanish mackerel to swim by and then strike hard with your rod to hook the fish. Once hooked, reel in quickly while maintaining tension on the line–Spanish mackerel are notorious for making fast runs when first hooked.

If you can keep them away from structures such as reefs or submerged logs, you stand a good chance of bringing them to shore for a delicious meal!


If you’re looking for a fun summer activity that will also put dinner on the table, look no further than pier fishing for mackerel. Mackerel are a type of fish that are common in coastal waters and can be caught using simple methods and gear. In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to catch mackerel off a pier.

First, you’ll need to choose the right pier. Look for one that is close to deep water, as this is where mackerel tend to congregate. You’ll also want to make sure there is plenty of space on the pier so you can move around and cast your line without getting tangled up with other fishermen.

Next, it’s time to select your tackle. For mackerel fishing, you’ll want to use a light spinning rod and reel combo with 8-10 pound test line. bait your hook with small pieces of cut bait or lure designed specifically for mackerel fishing.

Once you’ve got your gear sorted out, it’s time to start fishing! Cast your line out into the water and let it sink down to the bottom where the fish are hanging out. Start reeling in slowly, keeping an eye on your line for any telltale signs that a fish has taken the bait.

When you feel a tug on the line, give it a sharp jerk upwards to set the hook then start reeling in as fast as you can! If all goes well, soon you’ll have a fresh mackerel on the end of your line ready for dinner.

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